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Word Generator

Gerenimot to random word generation tools, we have categorized words and names to provide you with random word lists. Our database will provide many lists for your parties. You will find many words from the French language as well as names from thematic works. Most of these words are in the dictionary and can be played in scrabble. Generate a word from a large list of available words.

Word study

Words are part of many fields of study including linguistics and etymology. Linguists use words to make sentences and analyze their meaning. Putting one word before another can totally change the understanding and meaning of a sentence. An etymologist will study the root of a word by comparing it with other, sometimes dead, languages. This is how scientists determine the evolution of dialects around the world. Latin has served as the basis for many languages that are now called Latin.

Sentence construction and lines

To make a sentence you have to concatenate the words into lines and all these lines will form a page of text. On the internet web pages are written as lines in HTML code. This data is then encoded into binaries to be sent over the internet and then converted back into HTML for web browsers.

Random word and generator

The random words we selected are grouped into different themes of different difficulties. It will result in plenty of possible games with friends. Have your random word guessed in the form of a question, sentence, drawing, or mime. You can use our tool in any way you want to play. Our word generator was created to entertain you with a simple click.

In reality, it is complicated for a machine to generate a random number, we even talk about pseudo-random because we use an algorithm that from a series of numbers will give another one. We can for example use the function timestamp which returns the number of seconds elapsed since January 1st 1970 to pass it in an algorithm which will return the random number which we want. This is a pseudo random number but sufficient to generate a random letter. More complex applications for research and technological development require a more complex method. With this definition we can make functions to generate anagrams for scrabble. Thanks to the technique called Ajax we can via the network call a data file that returns a random response.

Playing pictionary

Game rules

To play you will draw or mime a word. The opposing players must guess your word. You can play alone or in teams, awarded points to make a ranking and know who will win the game.

The necessary equipment

You don't need much equipment to play pictionary. Sheets and pencils are enough to make a drawing pictionary but if you don't have any you can play in mime mode.

The randomly generated pictionary

With our site you can randomly draw a word with your friends which will be a noun, object or adjective but we will avoid synonym quotes. Press generate to get a random word and make your friends guess it. Remember to draw and mime your chosen words.


Other activities with our random word generator

Instead of miming or drawing a word you have the option of playing letter by letter Hangman. This is a game where each character of the word and replaced by a space. Opposing players choose a letter while being unsure of its truthfulness. If it is part of the word, then the spaces are replaced otherwise you lose 1 chance to win. You will find websites offering texts to play online with many functions.

History of dictionaries

Before there were dictionaries, there were books of synonyms. These books were called "wordbooks", and contained lists of all the words in the language. To look up a word, the user had to read through all the words until he found the one he was looking for. This was a very slow process.

About a hundred years ago, a new type of book was invented. This was called a "dictionary". To look up a word in a dictionary, all you had to do was look it up! This was a much faster process. This was a great step forward for the language. Dictionaries became the latest fashion, and everybody had to have one, whatever the cost. The price of dictionaries fell rapidly, and soon they became a common household item.

A new invention came about. Here you could buy books for a very low price, and with no effort at all. People could buy books for all occasions. Language books were no longer in fashion. People no longer wanted to hold real books in their hands, because it was easier to use the bookstore. They were the latest fashion, and everybody had to have one, whatever the cost. Bookstores became the latest fashion, and everybody had to have one, whatever the cost. Soon, bookstores were everywhere. And the price of books fell rapidly, and soon they became a common household item.

This was a great step forward for the language. Dictionaries became the latest fashion, and everybody had to have one, whatever the cost. The price of dictionaries fell rapidly, and soon they became a common household item.

Random Word Generator

The Random Word Generator is a tool to help you create a list of random words. The tool generates random words for you to use in your writing or other creative projects.

Random in Computers

Computers can generate truly random numbers if given a source of entropy. This is used in cryptography where truly random numbers are needed, for example for creating encryption keys. Computers can also be used to simulate random events. By generating a series of random numbers from a stochastic process, like a Poisson process or a Markov process, a simulation of the process itself can be obtained. This is used in computer animation for the generation of natural looking phenomena, for example the way water flows in a stream. Random number generation is also used in statistical sampling to generate a representative sample from a population. If a sequence of numbers is naively generated from a true random number generator, the numbers may appear to have a pattern. The period of this pattern is the length of the seed number used. Once the whole seed number has been used, the sequence repeats. Since computers can only store and manipulate numbers as a discrete set of values, in practice all computer-generated random numbers are random. That is, each number is associated with a specific algorithm and stream of data, and the characteristics of that data affect the numbers generated. In other words, the sequence of numbers is determined by the program, which is a deterministic process. The problem is that if the algorithm is not truly random, it is possible, by examining the patterns in the sequence of numbers, to predict future values in the sequence. This is a form of statistical attack. This can be countered by changing the seed number periodically. With each new seed, a different sequence is started, which as far as is known, has an unpredictable pattern. This is exactly what is done for the sequences in many types of random number generators, including those used in computer graphics and games. In these applications, the sequence of numbers is usually displayed. Anyone who knows the algorithm can then "re-seed" the generator, with the seed number found from the sequence, and thus generate the same sequence of numbers. In computer graphics, this is not considered a problem, as what is being displayed is the pattern, not the numbers. In cryptography and computer security, however, it is a problem, since an attacker can use such a sequence of numbers to predict future values. random numbers are random enough for most practical purposes. For example, they may be used in simulations involving games of chance, like poker or blackjack. The random numbers are used to determine the outcome.