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Generate a random letter.

Randomness in a computer

Letter generation consists of randomly selecting a letter of the alphabet using a computer program. On our site the random function that handles the randomness goes through the random function of nodeJS written in javascript.


In reality it is complicated for a machine to generate a random number, we even talk about pseudo-random because we use an algorithm that from a series of numbers will give another one. So we can for example use the function timestamp which returns the number of seconds elapsed since January 1st, 1970 to pass it in an algorithm which will return the random number that we want. This is a pseudo random number but sufficient to generate a random letter. More complex applications for research and technology development require a more complex method.

The letters of the alphabet.

The letters make up the alphabet which is itself used to make words and then sentences. A set of letters forms a syllable linked to a sound, useful for the pronunciation of words. There are many alphabets for different languages, but some languages share the same alphabet.


FAQ - generate a letter

Why generate a letter?

Letter generation can be very useful for playing games where you help to make a decision.

Which games require letter generation?

There are a lot of games that use a random letter. Here are some of them: the small tray, scrabble, wordsearch...

How to generate a letter?

To generate a letter just click on the generate button.

Who is the letter generation for?

Anyone can use it, from your mobile phone or your computer, young and old are welcome.