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Are board games good for kids?

Sure! In fact, they're really good for kids. In general, board games teach kids about strategy, taking turns, and how to win and lose graciously.What if my child is too young?First of all, it's never too early to start playing games. But if your child is too young to read, you can still play games with him by following these three rules:The game should only have a few simple rules. The game should be visually appealing. The game should be easy to set up.If your child is too young to read, don't worry; there are plenty of games that meet these criteria. Here are some recommendations.If my child is too young for a board game, what else can I play with him?If you want to play a game with your child who can't read, try these activities:

An other site for generate name and play with your children : nickname generator

Randomness in a computer

Letter generation consists of randomly selecting a letter of the alphabet using a computer program. On our site the random function that handles the randomness goes through the random function of nodeJS written in javascript.


In reality it is complicated for a machine to generate a random number, we even talk about pseudo-random because we use an algorithm that from a series of numbers will give another one. So we can for example use the function timestamp which returns the number of seconds elapsed since January 1st, 1970 to pass it in an algorithm which will return the random number that we want. This is a pseudo random number but sufficient to generate a random letter. More complex applications for research and technology development require a more complex method.

The letters of the alphabet.

The letters make up the alphabet which is itself used to make words and then sentences. A set of letters forms a syllable linked to a sound, useful for the pronunciation of words. There are many alphabets for different languages, but some languages share the same alphabet.


Did you know that board games have many benefits?

Yes, they do. Don't think twice, play and take advantage of this activity to improve your intellectual skills.Playing with letters keeps your thinking faculty alert.

Is your brain stagnating with so much TV and Instagram video consumption?Board games are there to allow your brain to do its daily gymnastics. Ideal for exercising mental agility both for children who are discovering the pleasures of language and for the elderly. Mental agility is the best antidote against mental degeneration and fights Alzheimer's disease in a healthy way.They allow for a strong and endearing social relationship.

It goes without saying that these months of pandemic are teaching us to live human relationships in a different way. With your family, your roommates or even your friends at a distance, playing games is the ideal solution to fight against the depression and anguish generated by confinement and curfews. Get ready for unforgettable and very special moments of game nights during which the most important thing will be to share.Expand your vocabulary

To learn vocabulary, games with letters are very good for children and adults alike. For example: your child is learning the alphabet? Then play with him. Here is the letter generator to give your game a random character and arouse more passions and emotions. Select a letter and ask your child to pronounce it. Your letter generator can become a potential learning tool in autonomy. Playing with letters also allows you to think about finding words with the letters you have been given. Ideal for games like Scrabble or Pictionary. To give you another example, we can cite word searches and games whose rules are to find a word that begins with the letter that your letter generator suggests. These games will improve your linguistic skills and give you the opportunity to write your sentences with more elegance and fluency.

Why a letter generator?

A letter generator adds a very special touch to your games, instead of you deciding or letting a participant do it, letting a letter generator propose the letter to be played with gives your games an unprecedented suspense, increasing the chances of fun and laughter, and we wish you happy games with our letter generator.

Random Letter Generator

A random letter generator is a computer tool with the ability to select a letter of the alphabet at random. The main purpose of this function, is to serve as an aid to those who need to conduct raffles or games and require random letters, without repetitions, that can be created instantly and shared with the rest of the participants. The generation of random letters can be quite useful for anyone who needs to make a decision during a game and even as an educational tool to exercise young children in learning the alphabet. Whatever the applicable use, it is possible to do it directly from our website.

How to use a random alphabet letter generator?

There are many occasions when we need to use random letters of the alphabet, especially when we get together with friends to enjoy board games that, due to their mechanics, require one of the players to choose a consonant or vowel to continue the dynamic. This is when a website with the ability to generate random letters is a good idea. In this way, the decision becomes truly unbiased, without the participants having to choose, even achieving the ideal suspense effect to make any board game more exciting. Generating a random letter of the alphabet is as simple as pressing a button. In a matter of a couple of seconds the website will update, displaying the letter completely at random and it is also possible to select the option to generate random numbers, a useful tool to draw positions to start the game instead of using dice. As you can see, our random letter generator has no limitations and can be used indefinitely with just one click on the "Generate" button. Every time you click on this button, the system will automatically deliver a letter of the alphabet and it is possible to repeat this action whenever the user needs it.

Features of our random letter generator system

The system used for our website to generate random letters is a type of algorithm with the TimeStamp function, based on a timestamp, which works by returning the number of seconds that have elapsed since 01 January 1970. This number is then matched with a letter of the alphabet, resulting in the random letter system.

FAQ - generate a letter

Why generate a letter?

When we need to generate a letter of the alphabet, such as a word or name, we are looking for some way to keep the output random without actually having to use a random number generator.We can't use a random number generator because if we have a sequence of letters, we need them to be in alphabetical order.If we used a random number generator we would get a different sequence each time we ran the program.But we want it to be the same each time, so that it can be used for the same purpose, such as in a game or in a word puzzle.

Which games require letter generation?

When are letter generation games useful? When you're lacking one or more of these resources (memory, time, language, knowledge). Examples of games that require letter generation:

  • Word games
  • Rhyming games
  • Puzzle games
  • Crossword games
  • Charades
  • Scrabble
  • Boggle
  • Scattergories
  • Categories
  • Password
  • Password/Secret questions
  • Blind date questions

How to generate a letter?

To generate a letter just click on the generate button.

Who is the letter generation for?

Anyone can use it, from your mobile phone or your computer, young and old are welcome.